Eduardo Torroja Colloquium


 Eduardo Torroja Lectures are held to enhance awareness of the innovations gradually introduced in international avant-garde architecture and engineering


In each of the six yearly lectures, a professional prominent in avant-garde architecture or engineering is invited to participate in face-to-face debate and an exchange of ideas and expertise. 

Note: These lectures will be recorded and posted on the Fundación Eduardo Torroja’s website, subject to speakers’ consent.


cuadradoamarillo First Eduardo Torroja Colloquium





Colloquium Topik: The Freedom Tower´s Structure. New York

Lecturer: Bill Price / WSP

The firts colloquium will take place the next day 29th November at the  Main hall of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. Madrid

The innovated Freedom Tower has been chosen to the first Colloquium. This building is yet under construction in the “Zero Zone” in New York. The principal designers have been; SOM (architecture) and WSP (Structure).

The Eduardo Torroja Foundation invites all the people interested to its first Colloquium which starts a new stage of its activities.







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