cuadradoamarillo  International Ideas Competition 2013

This competition forms part of the foundation’s activities, which in 2013 will focus primarily on housing: past, present and future. The aim is to create a forum for reflection, debate and the pooling of ideas, not only for architects and engineers, but also for other sectors of society, in particular students presently training in polytechnic universities, who will play a prominent role in the construction of the future.


The primary objective of this ideas competition is to encourage polytechnic university students to take part in the necessary international reflection around what the housing of the future should be like. This question has no permanent answers, for housing must advance at the same pace as social demands and contemporary scientific and technological developments.

In the world today, reflection on these matters focuses on the need to ensure the planet’s sustainability. That in turn calls for the clean and economical production of energy and mass production of affordable housing for all which, while meeting these important requirements, also specifically addresses social and land management issues on a local scale.

Contestants only must deliver a single 50x70-cm poster (on digital media), opting to the following prizes:


First Prize: 6,000 euros

Second Prize: 3,000 euros
Third Prize: 1,500 euros





Spanish Community of Madrid, Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing

Fundación Juanelo Turriano

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Technical Schools of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Technical University of Madrid



SIKA Spain

F.Molina obras y servicios


Young Collaborator:

Javier Giménez Vila






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