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Fundación Eduardo Torroja, in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Public Works’ Directorate General of Architecture and Building and the Technical University of Madrid / UPM, announces an ‘International Ideas Competition’ on the occasion of the institution of the Eduardo Torroja Museum. The Museum will be sited at Madrid’s Zarzuela Race Track, one of Torroja’s most emblematic works.


The competition aims to enhance public awareness of Eduardo Torroja’s legacy by involving architecture, civil engineering and plastic arts students in the design of the museum’s logotype.


Students will need to be acquainted with the oeuvre of one of Modernism’s most prominent actors, distinguished Spanish engineer Eduardo Torroja, whose ideas took shape in a blend of art, science and technology. By studying his oeuvre, analysed from the many and varied vantages characteristic of these three disciplines, students will be in a position to envision a graphic symbol, a logotype, with which to portray the museum.


Contestants only must deliver their proposals by email, opting to the following prizes:


First Prize: 4,000 euros

Second Prize: 1,000 euros





Spanish Ministry of Public Works’ Directorate General of Architecture and Building Technical University of Madrid / UPM






Minutes of Jury Decision


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