The venue is a very special place -Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science- where the Conference will take place. The address is: Serrano Galvache Street, nº 4, 28033 Madrid – Spain.


Eduardo Torroja designed it in 1949. He wanted an innovated building for his revolutionary idea on how it should be a place to research. The set of buildings of the new headquarters was built on a pine forest. Raised on a plant in the form of the number pi, its set is inserted into the landscape as a comb generating open landscaped courtyards. It was inaugurated in 1953. Some special elements designed by Eduardo Torroja stand out; The giant Dodecahedron which was designed as a coal storage, a folded concrete shell which has a sculptural image, soon became an IETcc icon. The Dining Hall an unquestionably attractive and organic space, with a curved glazed skin that blends into the adjacent garden. The roof is like a big umbrella, its structure radially arranged cantilevered steel. The Triangulated steel Shell roof of the workshops. The Pergola located on the west edge of the garden, is formed by a continuous sequence of reinforced concrete ribs forming a lemniscate of Bernoulli. The zero curvature at the end represents the mathematical symbol for infinity.


A magical place where all objects and mobility were also ingeniously designed. The table in the main hall embraces two sofas that serve as legs, other table use like legs the cables that hold the upper slab…..


1955 Eduardo Torroja with a group of assistants to a course specialization

But the Institute is not only special for its buildings, but also because this place was a venue of the grant part of the most relevant professionals – architects and engineers- during the golden decades of Modernity among others: Richard Neutra, Pier Luigi Nervi, Mario Salvadori, Marcel Loods, Nicolás Esqillan, Franco Levi, Zygrmunt Makowski, David Steiman, Félix Candela, Heinz Isler, Heinz Hossdorf. In 1959 the International Association for Shell Structures/ IASS was founded in this Institute.

We will take a photo in the same place with the group of all participants to the Conference AEC 2018

Don´t miss out!

The Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Science (Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja) is located at the North of Madrid, between the M30 Ring Road and Arturo Soria Street.


The address is: Serrano Galvache Street, nº 4, 28033 Madrid – Spain

It is easily accessible by public transport.

Buses: 7, 29, 107

Nearest subway station (15 min. walk to the venue): Bambú (line 1). Other subway stations (20 min. walk to the venue): Duque de Pastrana (line 9), Madrid Chamartín (line 10).

Hotels near Eduardo Torroja Institute


Básua Street, nº27, 28033 Madrid

Nearest hotel – 10 minutes walk to the Eduardo Torroja Institute



Pio XII Avenue, nº 77, 28016 Madrid



Agustín de Foxá Street, 28036 Madrid



Pio XII Avenue, nº 34, 28016 Madrid





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